Projecte Cuidem els Grans

The Lotus Foundation 

The Lotus Foundation has been a non-profit organization operating since 1999, with the mission of promoting social welfare through social action, education and volunteering. The Foundation has different social projects focused on the most disadvantaged sectors of society such as cancer patients, the elderly in need, children at risk of social exclusion and the environment.

One of the most important tasks in the Foundation is to give the opportunity to participate in alleviating the suffering of others, to inspire, motivate, energize, support, educate and heal.

It was founded in 1999 in the USA by David Urgeles. There the first social projects in prisons began.

He then moved his headquarters to Mataró, Barcelona, ​​from where the Foundation’s projects are directed. Projects currently in operation:

Leisure and Homework Project: support for children at risk of social exclusion
Care for the Elderly project: company for the elderly who are alone
Oncology Project: free classes for people on cancer treatment
9Bosc Project: forest cleaning

Leisure and Homework
Rowing Project
Oncologic Project
Caring for elder Project
9Bosc Project

The Dragon Tavern is another arm of the Lotus Foundation to generate resources and that social projects can survive at this time.

In addition to La Taverna, the Foundation has a yoga school located in Mataró, an online yoga website and a Taiko school and group.

Lotus Foundation
Yoga online website
Yoga school
Taiko band and school